Martial Law Imminent in US – Proof

Gary D. Barnett
April 23, 2011

TheResistance – This blog, written by Gary Barnett with, is a detailed report on the frighteningly imminent situation facing Americans RIGHT NOW. Prepare, survive and prevail. The game is over. I strongly suggest you shake off your apathy towards the government and get this information out as quickly and as vastly as possible. Any article is available to be re-blogged or paraphrased, with proper sources back to this blog, so that this information can get to as many as possible. We have a responsibility to give others the facts, and let them decide for themselves, what they think is best for them and their families. Read The Article:

This will not come from invaders from abroad, but by our own federal government and its agents in the police and military.

George W. Bush created by Executive Order 13228 the Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Council just 11 days after the 9/11 attacks.

On October 26, 2001, Bush signed the horrible USA PATRIOT Act into “law.” This in my opinion is not only the lynchpin in the devastating assault on civil liberty, but the most liberty destructive piece of legislation ever passed into law in United States history.

The Department of Homeland Security was established on November 25, 2002. This monster has grown to become a massive bureaucracy that controls most every single aspect of our lives today.

The now groping and child molesting Transportation Security Agency (TSA) was moved from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security in March of 2003. This was the beginning of the end for all those U.S. citizens who want to have free movement in their own country. Now, one has to be baked in radiation, sexually assaulted, or both by the cretins at the TSA in order to travel.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 was an act of Congress signed by Bush to authorize trial by military commission of so-called violators of war and for “other purposes.” One can only imagine all the “other purposes.” This legislation basically stripped all rights from any individual captured or targeted by the U.S. government, so they could be held indefinitely and without proper charge or trial. This suspension of rights virtually eliminates any semblance of freedom or justice. This Act was amended in 2009, but as amended, still falls far short of providing any real due process as required by the constitution. While there is argument as to whether this Act affects the rights of habeas corpus, only an agent of the state could believe otherwise. Habeas corpus has been effectively rendered moot for any, including Americans, targeted by the government.

In October of 2008, the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, a very “elite” combat squad, became the first active duty military unit to be dedicated and deployed for domestic use. This means the virtual elimination of the protections afforded us by the Posse Comitatus Act against federal military forces acting as domestic police. This is certainly an important step toward the implementation of Martial Law.

In January of 2002, the Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established to bring together several government projects focused on applying surveillance to monitor “terrorist” and “other” threats to national security. This was to be done by achieving Total Information Awareness which entailed creating an enormous computer database to capture and store the personal information of everyone in the United States, including personal emails, credit card records, social networks, phone records, medical records, and much more without any requirement for a search warrant. Although defunded by Congress in 2003, these projects continued to be funded, and continue to take place under different names.

In January of 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13528, which established the Council of Governors. These governors are appointed directly by the president for the stated purpose of building a state/national police partnership. This fascist partnership was put into place to build a “legal” partnership between the federal government’s national military force and the domestic police agencies, so that they became one and the same. The scariest part about this is that this force would be fully controlled by the executive branch of government, making this a federally controlled domestic police force! Gary D. Barnett wrote about this here.

In 2010 Obama authorized the targeting of U.S. citizens for assassination, thus continuing another heinous Bush policy. Glenn Greenwald of Solon discusses this policy in detail in this article.

Real unemployment as calculated by the well-respected John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics is 22%, which means that approximately 33,000,000 people are now out of work. The government is only reporting 8.8% by its fraudulent U-3 method, or 13,000,000. When this many people are out of work, a huge drain on the system is the result, and desperation takes hold.

Predator drones are being used to murder people in the Middle East on a regular basis, but they are also being used for domestic law enforcement. These computer game-like spying drones can be used for surveillance, and they can also be used for target killing. The fact that they are flying over our towns and cities is frightening.

The TSA gropes, fondles, and intimidates those traveling daily. This is done to instill fear, and to habituate the sheep like populace into a herd mentality. It is meant to turn the citizens into serfs. The abusive and brutal behavior by state and local police, and other agents of the government, is increasing dramatically. It is increasing in numbers, but it is also increasing in severity. In 2007, Paul Craig Roberts wrote about this in his article titled America’s Police Brutality Pandemic, but since the time of that writing, this problem has increased exponentially, and is still worsening.

As I said earlier, the stage is set for a police state takeover of our streets. The government has in place all the legislation, tools, and gendarmes it needs to implement Martial Law. It has a militarized police system armed and ready to act. It has a domestic military force trained in urban warfare. It has holding centers ready to house those who don’t go along or who practice civil disobedience. The government has the capability to listen to every conversation, to track our location, to monitor all our computers and email, and can shut down our communication systems, including the Internet at will.

We are living in dangerous times. We are facing a dangerous enemy. That enemy is the State. It is now all-powerful and armed to the teeth. Most of those armed government agents in the police forces and the military will act on orders without question. They will attempt to disarm the public, just as they did in New Orleans during Katrina. They will round up any who don’t obey government commands, and they will kill any who forcibly resist. These things are not far-fetched, but likely in the near future.

The time to act is now, not after this government aggression begins. By then, it may be too late. The signs are everywhere, so why do so many not see them? Why is this continuous buildup of the police state tolerated? Why are so many Americans blind to this reality? Has the “public” government run “education” system been that effective, or is the majority so dependent on government that their apathy consumes them?


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